Department of Sociology and Social Work

Welcome to the Department of Sociology and Social Work, University of Bucharest! We offer undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate programs. The department entertains a stimulating intellectual environment. The faculty includes scholars with a multitude of opinions, methodologies and research topics. Most faculty won national and international research grants, ranging from National Research Council ( to European Science Foundation (ESF) or National Sciences Foundation (NSF).

The theoretical and methodological approaches of the faculty cover a wide variety of sociological disciplines and topics, ranging from historical to experimental methodologies, from fieldwork research to organizational methodologies, from social work intervention methods to social policies models. Aside from a large number of articles and books published in Romanian, the faculty is also present in various top international journal (see Faculty publications).

The Department has two separate sections, Sociology and Social Work, each offering its own undergraduate and graduate programs. After the transition from the older higher education system to the Bologna system, the Department engaged in various actions aiming to internationalize its activity.